Colloidal Gold Benefits and Uses

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Colloidal Gold Benefits and Uses


Colloidal gold is a liquid that consists of pure gold nanoparticles suspended in water. This liquid gold supplement is non-toxic and is known to have some amazing health benefits and medical applications. So, should we all turn to and use a colloidal gold supplement for personal health? In the following, we will take a look at the many colloidal gold benefits.

The supplementation of minerals and metals is something that has grown in popularity over recent years as people seek a natural approach for safe and effective results. The benefits colloidal gold has to offer is one such area. As awareness grows, more and more people are taking this gold supplement for a range of health benefits. Gold is not a metal that immediately comes to mind for mental and physical health. Supplemental silver and copper tend to be more prevalent in the public consciousness.

We’ll begin with some of the spiritual and mental health applications. This includes the impact of gold particles for depression and stress in relation to meditation practices. From there, we will also consider the potential of colloidal gold on related issues such as neurological damage and addiction. Then there are other physiological findings and applications such as skincare and anti-aging. In closing, we will talk about the revolutionary impact of gold in surgery, cancer screening, and DNA applications.

Gold Benefits Have Been Known For Centuries

It is important to briefly talk about colloidal gold and its relation to heavy metals. There are some misconceptions about the safety of gold. However, when used correctly, it can work well. Civilizations have used it medicinally and spiritually for centuries. Cleopatra is one figure that used gold for beauty treatments long before it was fashionable. Faraday worked on medical applications for colloidal gold centuries ago. This modern approach takes minuscule particles suspended in a liquid for an accessible, simple approach. But, the notions aren’t much different. The properties of the gold remain the same.

It is easy to be skeptical about this sort of treatment and the ingestion of metals for health. However, the right products only contain a small amount of the mineral. The particles are so small that they can’t be seen and give no taste to the liquid. In fact, drinking a colloidal gold solution is a lot like drinking a colored water. It is a non-toxic metal, especially in such small quantities, which allows for its use in so many different applications.

Colloidal Gold Benefits For Spiritual And Mental Health

Most official studies and scientific papers on Colloidal Gold focus on the medical and physiological benefits. However, this substance may also prove to be beneficial on a mental and spiritual level as well. With the right dosage and the mindset, supplemental gold could help to:

  • enter deeper states of meditation
  • achieve higher levels of consciousness
  • ease anxiety and stress
  • elevate mood
  • increase I.Q.
  • decrease depression
  • increase memory, focus, attention and clarity
  • ease alcohol and drug addiction


meditation benefits of colloidal gold


Taoists Have Long Drunk Liquids Prepared With Gold To Aid With Concentration

Gold has proven to be a helpful aid for meditation from the way that it helps one to focus their chi and mental state. Users can meditate much deeper because of the enhanced focus and clarity of their inner mind state. This heightened state makes it easier to detach from the external world and focus on an inner stream of consciousness. It should be known that this effect is generally experienced by those that have practiced meditation for a long time. You can think of it as a performance enhancement supplement for the experienced meditation practitioner. Newcomers should work on their discipline and get comfortable with meditative states before adding gold to the equation.

These effects have led to the application of colloidal gold for depression. The floating, calm sensation achieved during this higher state of consciousness is helpful for those dealing with negative thoughts and anxiety. It is thought that gold helps to re-balance brainwaves and the central nervous system to ease symptoms. Many sufferers are sure to welcome this notion as a natural alternative to prescription drugs and anti-depressants.

The improved flow of chi and increased mental concentration does more than help to enhance meditation. There are also benefits that everyday users may consider to be more practical – such as general concentration at work or improved hand-eye coordination. A daily gold supplement could give everyday workers the edge at their job; it could be taken when dealing with important projects or difficult tasks to increase the likelihood of success; and, athletes could take it before a big competition.

Students Could Benefit From Colloidal Gold Before A Big Exam

The potential benefits of colloidal gold for students are interesting right now with current concerns over Adderall. College students obtain Adderall illegally through other students as a form of performance enhancement. This can put them on a slippery slope towards addiction and put their college placement in jeopardy. Colloidal gold supplements could be a safer alternative. It may prove to be an effective way of heightening attention and concentration for study sessions and exams without the risk of side effects.

Colloidal Gold And Addiction

The link between colloidal gold and addiction was established long before the use of gold by college students. One of the early uses of colloidal gold was for alcoholism in the Unites States during the early 19th century. It was found that it could reduce cravings for alcohol and potentially help users give up drinking. There is something in the way that gold affects energy levels and physical well-being that helps to ease a persons addictions. This could possibly be linked to the enhanced mindset brought on by gold. Colloidal gold is still commonly recommended for alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine dependency around the world, especially in European countries.

Colloidal Gold And Insomnia

The issue of poor sleep brings us to another potential health benefit of colloidal gold. Users don’t experience the same problem with the highs and lows of other insomnia aids. Instead, they report that their sleep patterns and quality of sleep improve when taking a liquid gold supplement. People with insomnia and light sleep patterns achieve a more refreshing night’s sleep because the gold helps to restore the balance of energy flow in the brain. Gold helps the brain to maintain appropriate energy levels rather than giving it a boost like caffeine does. Those with chronic insomnia, poor sleep hygiene and a late-night coffee habit may need more than gold. Those with acute insomnia due to stress may find that it eases much quicker with supplement.

The Benefits Of Colloidal Gold For Neurological Conditions

Maintaining a sense of calm and an ideal energy level in the mind and body could also prove helpful when treating neurological conditions. There is a strong link between mental health and neurological health when it comes to brain function. A calmer physical state and relaxed central nervous system could do more than just aid sleep and concentration. Restless leg syndrome and Parkinson’s disease are among those singled out for research and positive results.

A recent study from South China Normal University in 2018 looked into the neuroprotective effects of gold nanoparticles for Parkinson’s disease. The findings – published in Nanomedicine: nanotechnology, biology and medicine – showed that gold nanoparticles were effective as a therapeutic aid for Parkinson’s in mice. Researchers are hopeful about the potential effect in human patients because of the ability of gold nanoparticles to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Colloidal Gold And Alzheimer’s

There are also links between the supplementation of colloidal gold and conditions of mental decline. Patients dealing with Alzheimer’s and senility could benefit from the use of gold. This is something of a holy grail for medical researchers. Global demographics are changing with a shift towards the elderly. We are living longer but many do so with mental decline – either through senility, dementia or severe forms of Alzheimer’s. There is no cure so researchers are eager to find the best treatments to minimize damage and slow the decline. The idea of colloidal gold for Alzheimer’s is an interesting one.

A 2006 study published in the American Chemical Society highlighted the potential use gold nanoparticles for the mental decline of Alzheimer’s patients. Scientists combined gold nanoparticles with two types of proteins linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s: plague and beta-amyloid fibrils. The tests showed that the combination of gold and microwave radiation dissolved the proteins. This led to the hypothesis that gold could work as a treatment option in the future. This form of molecular surgery is more advanced than the simple use of a colloidal gold. However, this does give credence that daily gold supplementation could prove to be beneficial for dealing with dementia symptoms and slowing the disease.

In neurological research and studies involving the use of gold, the physiological component has been quite easy to understand. The gold nanoparticles interact with the nerve endings to improve conductivity. This increases the likelihood of the signal from the brain reaching the intended part of the body and producing the desired effect. Think of it a little like a poorly maintained circuit board. If there isn’t a strong connection from point A to point B, the electrical charge from the battery won’t trigger the device at the end. Tidy up the wires, strengthen the points, add a little soldering and everything starts working again.

The Benefits Of Colloidal Gold For Physical Health

Many of the leading studies into the benefits of colloidal gold for health relate to mental and neurological factors. However, the use of gold in physical healthcare goes far beyond that. There are studies that show a link between gold nanoparticles and inflammation. It is important to remember that this substance works at a cellular level. It moves between cell barriers to move to the bloodstream, the brain, nerve endings and skin cells. Inflammation is a major cause of pain and illness and any reduction could prove to be highly therapeutic.


skin health benefits of colloidal gold


Gold Is Known For It’s Anti-Aging Effects

A commonly cited benefit of colloidal gold is improved circulation. This means that it can also help to improve skin health. A better flow of oxygen to the skin for cell health and skin growth means a healthier glow.

Skin treatments and moisturizers have a surprising array of ingredients and additives in them these days. The goal of most products is to protect the skin, improve skin health, and slow the ageing process. Gold is one of the more recent additions. The idea is to apply gold topically to the skin through a cream or serum to achieve the desired effect. Ingestion of a liquid gold supplement is an alternative approach for skincare. Rubbing gold on your skin is not as effective as ingestion because colloidal gold enters the bloodstream and, therefore, can reach all cells in the skin and across the body.

In 2012, researchers from Korea University studied the anti-glycation effect of gold nanoparticles on collagen. This effect on collagen is one of the signs of ageing within the skin. Solutions with gold nanoparticles showed a decreased rate compared to the control subjects. This signals a strong correlation between the use of gold and the ageing process.

Gold Particles In Surgery And Nanotechnology

The application of gold particles in modern science has become broad. The more that is learned about gold, more studies are conducted, and more applications become apparent. Nanotechnology is a new area of medicine that revolutionizes the way that patients are treated in various fields. Gold has become one of the leading substances for: cancer screening solutions, surgical tools – particularly in heart surgery, and DNA research.

Gold Use With Surgical Tools And Dressings

Throughout time, surgeons and nursing staff have favored certain metals for their medical application. There was a time when copper was commonly found in hospitals because it is thought to be antimicrobial. Silver nanoparticles are increasingly common in dressings and ointments for the same reason. Now gold can be added to that list. Many surgical tools contain gold – especially those used in heart surgery and similar operations. Gold is even used in certain replacement procedures because it is known to not cause inflammation.


benefits of colloidal gold on dna


Effects Of Gold On DNA

Because of gold’s ability to bind to proteins makes it effective at binding to DNA strands. For one, this allows researchers to highlight specific genes when screening DNA for important markers, but the big implication is what gold may be able to do while attached to the DNA. Above you have read about how gold makes for a greater connection for the flow of the body’s energies, so what may this imply? This could have numerous benefits that are not fully recognized as of yet. Could this be the main mechanism behind colloidal gold’s benefits?

One Area Of Great Interest Right Now Is The Use Of Gold In Cancer Treatments

Nanoparticles of gold have been used in cancer screening applications to improve the rates of detection with cancer patients, thereby increasing their survival. Gold attaches to cancer cells with a greater success than other proteins and is more visible under microscope and on a endoscopy camera. This makes earlier detection possible which can favorably impact survival. It also makes it is easier to target the cancer cells during medical procedures.

From that same ability of gold to bind readily to proteins, researchers are studying the potential of gold nanoparticles in cancer treatments. In 2012, scientists published a study on the use of gold particles as drug carriers, photo-thermal agents, contrast agents and radiosensitizers. This study helped to shine a light on the diverse properties of gold and its potential in radiology and oncology.

The Benefits of Colloidal Gold Are Broad And Growing

Adding gold to a skincare routine to beautify one’s skin; to use as a focus and mental enhancer for students; to relieve the inflammation of arthritis; to improve memory… The list of gold uses and benefits is many with a plethora of scientific evidence that continues to grow. Some recent research studies have found that gold essentially helps to rewire nerve endings and reboot the central nervous system to ease a range of symptoms. This could lead to advancements in mental health care – such as depression and addiction treatment – as well as those tools for anti-aging, cancer screening, and major degenerative diseases.


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