Connection To Mother Earth


When You Know the Divinity of Mother Earth, Her Creatures Will Know You Too


They can sense the energetic field you put out. That one eternal Great Spirit energy flows from the center of creation of the universe, through the star Sirius, through our Sun, through the Earth, and through us if we learn to allow it. Her creatures know this energy well and seek it because it gives life. When your chakras are all aligned and your crown is blown open, you become a fountain of this energy and the creatures notice! So, do the jets that spray the sky.


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The connection to Mother Earth’s energy field is created by your heart. As you seek knowledge you will become fearful as you awaken to the darkness taking place. It’s part of the process. Know that your goal is to quickly push through it and Let Go of the fear and run after the frequency of LOVE. The heavy day by day walk through life is most difficult. The challenges and set backs are opportunities for inner growth. You must learn to go head on and push thru them without letting your heart go cold like most people do. This process grows and forges your heart. There are no easy short cuts on this path. It’s the path of the Warrior of the Heart.

The Divinity of the Mother will speak to you through synchronicity with her creatures. The ones you experience frequently will become your animal totem.

My totem is the Hawk, Dove, Butterfly, Green Scarab Beetle, and Dragonfly.

LOVE is the law. CARE is the way.


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