Do You Have an Ego?


Do you think you need to get rid of it completely like some out there are teaching? You’ll never get rid of your ego. As an individual in a world of individuals you need your uniqueness.

Your ego is who you are. It’s your self-identity. What we must do is learn to undo the false ego. For example, our love of titles, status, etc.. Titles and social rank do not make you who you are.

This is most difficult especially while in our youth and just learning ourselves and our place in the world. So, we do not destroy our ego self identity, we heal it.

We explore our inner self and tear down the false ego. And, when seeking truth, we learn to remove our ego from the equation because it blinds us. When we relate everything to our self we cannot see from outside of our self.

That blinds us big time. Expand to see from outside your self central focus. Be the Hawk and look to see everything from far outside and above yourself.

I have been asked numerous times why I never show myself. I have removed myself from my messages and what I show. I’m not important in what I tell and show.

Why do I do it you may ask. I am driven by purpose from within. It’s the Great Spirit pushing me and driving me thru my heart.

We are social creatures and I understand the need to relate, so today I thought I would share a little. I think I’ll stay mysterious a little longer though.

LOVE is the law. CARE is the way.


3 thoughts on “Ego

  1. jasonmbrewer says:

    I’m learning to know the difference from self and my ego which was programmed into me from a child. It’s been a great journey still a work in progress but that’s life. Have a great day

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