Meditation Is the Practice of No Mind


To Connect to the Great Spirit of All Is to Be In No Mind


The Way of the Sage… The Practice of No Mind… When the mind starts to busy itself crafting a story about how we’ve been wronged, or daydreaming about what our lives could be like if we could only find the right person or situation, we need to extinguish it. Earthkeepers do this through the practice of no mind.

Practicing no mind requires you to break free of your thoughts and get in touch with the sage within, who is beyond thoughts. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours in meditation to do this, although the practice can help anyone who wants to master it. When you become aware of how your mind foolishly jumps from thought to thought like a monkey, you can sit quietly, amused by its activity. The parade of thoughts will continue, but you won’t get caught up in it. There will only be the sage.


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You make the switch from identifying with the chatter to becoming the sage by asking questions such as “Who is hurt?” “Who is angry?” and “Who is late to the office?” What brings you home to the sage is always this: “Who is it that is asking the question?” The minute you ask yourself this, you break the trance and the mind dissolves. Only Spirit remains, because Spirit is the sage.
– The Four Insights, Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers, Alberto Villoldo

Taking control of your energy begins with taking control of your mind and emotions. One must first want to thru Will to do so. To go in the innerverse of oneself and begin the spiritual inner work. To want to seek inner illumination. Continuously observing oneself and taking control of the chattering monkey mind. The masses are beyond content in continuing their inner carelessness… It’s easy, but leads to no inner growth.

Couple the mastery of this with a heart forged thru challenging life experiences that still aims at the frequency and vibration of Love… and watch the power stream. It comes when you do not necessarily want it. It’s typically the false ego and shadow self that want power. When you are on your way on the path, the syncroniscitys will intensify with surprising frequency. When you graduate you will be pulled toward the Earth’s energy grid. That is where the energy of the Great Spirit resides in our world. When you heed that call you’ll become an earthkeeper. Things will begin to notice you. The animals, insects, ufos, disembodied spirits, orbs of light, sprites, black helicopters… It’s not all light and roses though. When you become a beacon of Light, everything dark sees you that much easier, but your mastery at this level makes it easier for you. You’ll do these things because it’s where your heart leads you day in and day out. You’ll have no expectation of reward because you are beyond that part of false ego.

LOVE is the law. CARE is the way.


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