Native Elders Of Turtle Island Gather In Los Angeles

Many Winters Gathering of Elders


October 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th of 2019 – Los Angeles, CA

The Many Winters Gathering Of Elders (MWGOE) Committee, in partnership with Angels Gate Cultural Center (AGCC), is excited to announce the 15th MWGOE at AGCC on October 10 – 13, 2019. Located on traditional Tongva territories, the MWGOE plays a vital role in the Los Angeles Native community’s healing with the participation and support of the original peoples of the land. Over the course of four days, a continual fire will burn as Native Elders and speakers share knowledge and wisdom under a traditional circle arbor. The land and the sacred arbor have been blessed and prepared for the event. The Gathering is spiritual in nature and is intended to facilitate healing the wounds of the past, and to create an atmosphere of harmony among all people.

The vision of the Gathering is to host a sacred space in an urban setting for all people to come together with the intention to learn, pray, share and inspire a healthier future for all people and life on Earth. The purpose of the Many Winters Gathering of Elders community is to foster a greater understanding of traditional Native knowledge, cultural beliefs and contemporary struggles in an educational experience rich in culture for Native and public participants.

Native Elders have been central in sharing their living knowledge and daily-generational struggles at the annual Gatherings. This Fall Gathering will welcome and host 50+ Native Elders, community leaders, and cultural educators from across Turtle Island (North America) to share song, dance, stories, oral traditions, teachings and medicine.

Many Winters Gathering of Elders
Organizer George Funmaker at Angels Gate

MWGOE understands and acknowledges the rapid destruction and deterioration of Mother Earth by man-made causes, therefore, Native knowledge, wisdom and teachings are necessary at this time – along with the return of a spiritual connection to the land. This is necessary for the survival of all living beings upon our Mother Earth whom gives us life. She is a living being that must be respected.

The decisions made today will impact future generations in accordance with the seventh generation philosophy. The current trend of greed and destruction must cease and turn to one of positive co-creation with Great Spirit. To read about Hopi Prophecy which speaks about our current times Click Here. With all future relational generations at risk due to the rapid deterioration, harming, and wounding of Mother Earth, a greater understanding for a collective good mind, alternative ways of living, and a process of reciprocal healing requires a basic call to consciousness.

It is a crucial time to let our Elders’ voices be heard and to have Native teachers share their teachings during Earth’s current climate change, and the accompanying massive hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires, and other climate disruptions. Native peoples suggest these upheavals are increasing in scope and severity because we are not taking care of Mother Earth the way our ancestors did.

Organizers hope the Many Winters Gathering of Elders will serve to inspire and motivate young people to organize and be active in Los Angeles – in the same way that the water protectors at Standing Rock moved thousands.

Many Winters Gathering of Elders
Wild Horse Drum Circle performs a sacred prayer song during the Many Winters Gathering of Elders at Angels Gate

The MWGOE Committee is comprised of community members representing various tribes including the local Tongva, Chumash, Acjachemen, Tataviam, Cahuilla, and many more. The Gathering is Free and Open to the Public. Any persons seeking the wisdom and knowledge of the Native American Elders of Turtle Island are welcomed. This event is considered a gift of traditional Indian teachings. Such presentations are rare. The Many Winters Gathering of Elders is not a social activity, but more of a ceremony. Traditional ceremonial protocol will be observed during the Gathering. No alcohol, drugs, cameras, video or other recording equipment will be allowed unless approved by MWGOE.

The Gathering is held at Angels Gate Cultural Center – a place that unites art, community and culture through creative discovery, exploration and enlightenment. The address is: 3601 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA, 90731

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Your support is greatly appreciated and needed to ensure the comfort of the Elders, and to provide a great Gathering for all. Please consider Volunteering and Donating.

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Support the Gathering with a GoFundMe Donation Click Here

Many Winters Gathering Of Elders website Click Here

For more information regarding the 15th Many Winters Gathering Of Elders, including press inquiries, please contact Stephanie Mushrush at (562) 265-8423



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