Secret Gold FAQs


Q. Why does it taste like water?

A. Gold does not have any particular taste or flavor and it is suspended in pure water, therefore, it will taste like water.

Q. Why does my gold look clear like water?

A. Gold nano particles do not have a color to them. When they are suspended in water, they capture the light of the environment they are in and bend it like a prism to reveal a color. The more liquid volume of colloidal gold that is present will deepen the color. When we make a beaker of gold, the gold is indeed a very deep ruby red. But, when we put the same gold in a dropper, the liquid volume is minute and the color is mostly clear. If you put the dropper against a white background you should see a very faint pink color.

Q. How do I protect my gold?

A. Colloidal gold is notoriously unstable because the gold atoms want to recombine to the state they were in as a metal. What we have learned over the years is that electromagnetic fields effect the charge of the gold. When suspended in colloidal form, the nano gold particles repel each other like two magnets that push away from each other. Electromagnetic fields can diminish or even neutralize the slight charge of the nano gold particle that give it the ability to push each other away. When the charge on the gold is diminished or neutralized, the gold will recombine and fall out of solution. So, your gold should not be placed near antennas, routers, cell phones, microwaves, and motors, etc.. Anything that can be putting off energy can affect the charge of the gold.

On a more spiritual level, your gold should not be exposed to the charge of negative emotions. Human bio-electric energy will affect the gold. That is part of the magic of gold. It is very much like programming water.

Getting gold to the end consumer is difficult these days as much of the shipping is being exposed to numerous electromagnetic fields of the motors running conveyor belts. Nevertheless, we try our best to shield the bottle of gold in metallized mylar pouches.

Q. Do I need to keep it in the gold mylar bag?

A. After opening your Secret Gold, it is good practice to place it back in the mylar pouch for continuous storage. We package Secret Gold in a metallized mylar pouch because it offers protection from light, temperature changes, and dirty energy (aka: electro-smog) which is abundant in today’s world of electronic devices.

Q. Do I need to keep in the refrigerator?

A. Absolutely not. Avoid cold temperatures and prolonged sitting. Cold temperatures and abundant light can cause the atoms of gold to fall out of solution. It can become clear and/or cause dark precipitates. It is normal for some of the gold to fall out of solution and recombine over time. This will be noticeable by a slight loss of color and/or tiny specks. Gold is notoriously unstable after its atomic bonds have been broken apart. Your Secret Gold will continue to be just as effective as when it was made.

Q. How long is my bottle good for?

A. When properly handled and stored, your bottle can be shelf stable for many years. In general, we print a best by date two years out from the date of production. And, we recommend that it is best practice to finish your Secret Gold within one month after opening.

Very Important: Avoid touching the dropper on your mouth and/or tongue and do not suck on the dropper. Doing so may contaminate your liquid gold with mouth bacteria and cause growth in the bottle.

Q. How much Secret Gold do I take and when?

A. We recommend you start with the suggested use on the bottle label. Place 2 ml under the tongue for one minute and then swallow. (1 ml is dropper tube half full) This will get the gold circulating in your bloodstream immediately. It is best to take it in the morning on an empty stomach so the gold can get to where it needs to quickly as you start your day. For experienced users, we recommend moving up to twice a day and eventually up to three times a day. For optimal results, take small incremental doses spaced throughout the day.

Q. Is there a limit of how much Secret Gold I can take?

A. For an experienced and/or heavy user, we recommend you do not use more than one bottle per week. We also recommend that you take a month long break every so often.

Q. When will I notice the effects of Secret Gold?

A. We must first make it clear that this depends on each individual who is unique, and their intended purpose sought. We recommend that you take it for at least one month. Most people may need several months of consistent use. Some people can experience quick results. They are usually very inner aware and in tune with their bodies from years of active inner development.

It all depends on how aware you are of your inner self and how sensitive you are to energy. For most, results are going to be subtle and gradual. Many people report they do not notice the effects until they stop using gold because they can then recognize the difference. This is the nature of using gold for it’s known benefits.

It takes time to build up in the body, but unfortunately most people quit too early usually due to an expectation and desire for instant and fast results. To achieve the benefits of gold one must be committed to it’s use over a prolonged period of time. Because it does not perform like a fast acting pharmaceutical drug, it will take some time.

Q. How many parts per million (ppm) is Secret Gold?

A. It is in excess of 100 ppm. However, for labeling purposes we state 100 ppm. Although we do not recommend measuring in this way, we have used an inexpensive ppm meter and it read well over 200 ppm.

Q. How do you achieve the Rose Gold color with your product and other brands are either white or red?

A. The products that claim to be gold that appear as a white product are usually ormus made from dead sea salts. The base material they begin with is salt. They alchemically change it to other elements including gold by using a process involving acid and lye. This process is debatable as to whether it is really gold because it is theoretically turning salt into gold.

The red colored gold brands are indeed gold. We know this because we know how to make it red too. But, we also know how to make rose gold and that is what we offer to the market. When gold atoms are broken apart, they are hungry to attach to something. They will readily attach back to themselves unless the alchemist gives them something else to bond to. Depending on what the alchemist uses and the source water used will determine the color of the end product. When done correctly, the gold will be rose gold in color. We like to think this is why the color is named as such.

Some of the gold in suspension will be in a MonAtomic state (single gold atom) and the majority of the gold will be in colloids (multiple gold atoms attached together.) Regardless of what can be read, watched and/or bought, the ancient way of turning gold metal into white powder gold is long lost. Beginning with pure gold metal and breaking the gold atoms apart and suspending the gold mons and colloids in liquid is the closest thing we have in our modern time.

Q. How do I know it’s real gold?

A. We have no way to absolutely prove that. We can only promise and state that it is. Secret Gold is made directly from 99.99% Pure Swiss Gold that we source directly from the leading Precious Metals dealer in the United States. You can visit them at:

Q. Why does Secret Gold only come in a 2 ounce size?

A. Because of the high ppm count of Secret Gold, a little goes a long way. We could package larger bottles and charge abundant prices, but it is not beneficial to the user. Small incremental doses taken daily over time is the way to use gold for it’s known benefits.

Q. Can I rub Secret Gold onto my skin?

A. You certainly can and we often encourage our customers to do so. Gold is known to have remarkable benefits for the skin and rejuvenation effects. It’s a good idea to put a few drops of gold into your facial serums and skin products.

Q. If it’s real gold, how are you able to sell Secret Gold so cheap?

A. Because it is a gold product does not mean it must be outrageously priced. A one ounce bar of pure gold (cost $2,000) can yield a few hundred bottles.

Q. Why is it named Secret Gold?

A. Because the secret is that consuming nano sized particles of gold helps turn your dna, brain, nervous system, and body tissues into superconductors of a greatly increased flow of etheric energy due to gold being a powerful electrical conductor.

Many users experience enhanced mental clarity, greater mind-body coordination, improved learning ability, increased creativity, and calmer reactions to stressful situations. It’s well known to enhance one’s awareness, intuition, and make one more energy sensitive. There is a plethora of information about the benefits of gold via google search. A greater number of people are now becoming aware of the beneficial effects of gold.

Q. Why does my Secret Gold look clear?

A. This is a typical issue with colloidal gold and a frequent reason of concern from our customers.

When we make a batch of gold in a 2,000 ml beaker, it is a very vibrant ruby red with its rose gold hues. In gold’s unique light refracting ways, when we reduce the amount of liquid volume, the color gets lighter. For instance, when we pour the same gold from the 2,000 ml beaker and fill a 500 ml beaker, the color becomes much lighter. The color shift is even more pronounced when it’s put into a 60ml bottle for sale. And, in the 1 ml dropper it’s dramatically lighter.

Interestingly, gold atoms in suspension do not have a color of their own. When light is present the gold atoms capture the light and refract it. Gold nano particles absorb and scatter light resulting in colors ranging from vibrant reds (smaller particles) to blues to black and finally to clear and colorless (larger particles), depending on particle size, shape, local refractive index, and aggregation state. These colors occur because of a phenomenon called localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), in which conduction electrons on the surface of the nano particle oscillate in resonance with incident light.

Gold atoms broken apart are light and temperature sensitive and very unstable. The many environments (warehouse, trucks, airplanes, outside porch) a bottle of gold is exposed to can potentially ruin it. Somewhere along the warehouse-delivery chain (which we have no control over), the gold could be exposed to cold temperatures causing it to fall out of suspension and recombine.

To test if the gold is still good, we recommend putting the filled dropper up against a white piece of paper in good lighting. It should have some faint color. And/or pour some into a small WHITE bowl. If after the small white bowl the product is still clear, then it has gone bad likely due to improper handling/exposure. When this happens the gold will begin to lose it’s color and may even turn completely clear. If it still has color and/or a few precipitates, it is still good. If it has gone completely clear, it is no longer stable and no longer usable.

Q. What are the dark things floating in my bottle?

A. This situation is usually alarming to our customers and they tend to think that the bottle is contaminated. This is not so. What has happened is that the gold atoms are recombining. Secret Gold is heavily saturated in gold at 100 ppms and this is in fact proof that our product contains real gold atoms.

At times small clumps and/or filaments can be found at the bottom of the bottle. What is being seen is called gold precipitates. When the gold falls out of solution, it is called precipitation, and when it recombines it is called aggregation. They appear dark because in gold’s unique ways, it refracts (bends) the light that way.

In addition, the gold may try to aggregate (recombine/agglomerate) back together and it will look like dark string filaments. It is often confused for some kind of mold contamination, but it is not the case. They are known as gold precipitate filaments (agglomeration) and they may look fractal patterned. Gold is indeed strange and magical.

Particle agglomeration refers to formation of assemblages in a suspension and represents a mechanism leading to the functional destabilization of colloidal systems. During this process, particles dispersed in the liquid phase stick to each other, and spontaneously form irregular particle assemblates, flocs, or agglomerates. This phenomenon is also referred to as coagulation or flocculation and such a suspension is also called unstable.

When gold nano particles aggregate, the optical properties of the particle change, because the effective particle size, shape, and dielectric environment all change.

Unaggregated gold nano particles will have a red color in solution. If the particles aggregate, the solution will appear blue/purple and can progress to a clear solution with black precipitates.

The physical state of the particles can be determined by the color the particles reflect. For example, in a completely stabilized mono dispersed state, 33 nm colloidal gold nano particles appear red-burgundy in color, while in a precipitated state the particles appear black.

Solubility of Nano Particles

Particle Aggregation

TEM Image of the Fractal Dimension of Gold Aggregates

Gold Aggregated Star Precipitates