Colloidal Silver Non-Ionic – 2oz – 50ppm – 30 Servings – 1 Month Supply – Concentrated for Easy and Convenient Servings – Dropper Included w/ Glass Bottle – Natural Immune System Support for Adults and Kids


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NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – Add our colloidal silver to your existing healthy lifestyle to empower your body’s natural defenses. In addition to proper nutrition and adequate sleep, colloidal silver may help give your body the additional boost it needs. Our easy and convenient silver liquid drops make it easy to adjust serving sizes for adults, children and even your pets.

TRUE COLLOIDAL SILVER – Most products on the market today are clear ionic silver. Ionic is known to become silver chloride once in the digestive tract and exposed to the stomach’s hydrochloric acid, therefore rendering the ionic silver less effective. Non-ionic silver will not do this and is more capable of reaching the bloodstream. Both forms of silver are effective, but non-ionic is just better at getting to where it needs to. Our non-ionic colloidal silver will appear amber in color.

PURE, POTENT, AND EFFECTIVE 50 PPM SILVER – Non-ionic silver nano particles are unaffected by hydrochloric acid and chloride ions of the digestive tract, and will circulate in the bloodstream where it is believed they work their magic. It is the nano particles, not ions, that are reported to do the important work the best. Our silver is concentrated to a potent 50 ppm so there is less to take, and daily dosing is super easy and convenient with the provided dropper top.

MADE FROM MINT DIRECT ULTRA REFINED 99.99% PURE SILVER – We use the finest available .9999 (four nines) pure silver sourced from the Royal Canadian Mint. Their 99.99% silver is 10x more refined than common 99.9% silver. We use this highly refined silver to avoid the possibility of foreign heavy metal contamination that is possible with lower grade silver metals.

PREMIUM QUALITY – Our silver comes packaged in a glass bottle with a glass dropper. Colored glass bottles are vital to protect silver from direct light, prevent the leaching of plastic contaminates, and to ensure top quality. We produce a clean and high quality silver that contains only pure silver and triple distilled water. It does not contain any preservatives, proteins or chemicals. Our colloidal silver is made in the USA and contains the highest quality ingredients.


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