Spirit Pipe – Power Staff | 99.9% Pure Copper Pipe with Powerful Internal Neodymium Magnets and a Crystal/Mineral Glass Resin Matrix


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✩ What is a spirit pipe? Think of it like an acupuncture needle, but instead of for the human body, a spirit pipe is for the Earth’s energy grid. Acupuncture needles work with the bodies etheric aura, and a spirit pipe works with the Earth’s etheric aura. It channels and intensifies your connection, but it’s only as capable as you are. Think of feathers like antennas for etheric energy. It’s a pure copper pipe that contains within it powerful neodymium magnets in a matrix of secret pulverized minerals and crystals. It’s similar to orgonite products but not exactly the same… a similar idea, but far more powerful. And it is inscribed with commands/intentions and artistic symbols.

A spirit pipe is highly personal and should be imprinted by the user and keeper. We will imprint your spirit pipe as we bring it into creation, but it is upon the user to spend a lot of time in close proximity with it once they receive it. Doing so makes your connection to it much stronger as you imprint your intentions within its standing toroidal field.

✩ You can request symbolic inscriptions by checking the boxes below for a small additional fee. Slide thru the images to see the choices. If you have an image or wording you’d like custom inscribed, contact us at support@firewaterstar.com

Spirit pipes are available in 40 and 48 inches. We recommend 48 inches if you are above 6 feet tall. Include your preference in the notes during your checkout.

✩ Spirit pipes are a powerful spiritual tool and can be used for light or dark. Every spirit pipe will be inscribed and imprinted with an inability to use it for the dark arts and to cause harm against free will. These spirit pipes are bound from causing harm.

✩ Spirit pipes come with a battery operated inscriber (no extra charge, $25 value) for you to personalize your own pipe. It is the same as the one in the images.

✩ Feather toppers will vary from the image. They are custom made upon inspiration and are included with a small additional cost.

Spirit pipes are for the advanced energy practitioner who knows their personal energy well and whom is drawn to connecting with Earth’s energy grid. They only work to the potential of the practitioner.

A spirit pipe should be left outside and plugged into the bare ground often, preferably, standing in a pile of special rocks, crystals, minerals, etc. that you have collected from various places. This keeps it charged up and it also creates a connection the Earth needs like an acupuncture needle.

The powerful internal neodymium magnets create a constant standing toroidal field within the pipe. When you hold the snake knot leash and tap the bottom of the pipe against the ground, the pipe will strongly vibrate and resonate. It is this action that sends out your prayers into the ethers.

What you get is a powerful energy tool infused with the devotion and labor of love imprinted upon it during it’s creation. Upon it’s completion, it is charged in a powerful energy vortex.

These energy pipes pull down the energy of the heavens and connect them to ground of the Earth with you in between. If we could, we would give these out free because they need to be spread upon the land wide and far to take back Earth’s energy grid. The materials cost is $150, but the amount of labor is 10+ hours. The cost could be much higher because of the amount of labor involved, but we only want to recoup the material cost and a fair amount for labor. 🙂


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