Thanks for your interest in carrying FireWaterStar products in your store. We offer a simple wholesale process for businesses looking to sell our products.

Upon successful completion of our application process, we will send you a unique code to use during checkout on our website.

We offer a 25% wholesale discount for all purchases above $500.

You will not pay tax and we will ship your wholesale order for free within the lower 48 of the United States.

In order to receive and continue receiving wholesale from us, we have the following stipulations:

Wholesale customers must price our product no less than 75% our list price and no more than 140% our list price.

Our list prices are below.

Wholesale customers are not permitted to sell our products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other major online marketplaces where we have a presence.

Please fill in as much of the following information possible and tap the submit button when finished. If a box does not apply, enter Not Applicable.

We will contact you shortly after your submission and our review of your application.


List Pricing:

Alpha GPC – $24.80
Apple Cider Vinegar – $19.80
Vitamin B12 – $21.80
Vitamin C – $17.80
Vitamin C + Zinc – $19.80
Colloidal Silver Ionic – $17.80
Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray – $17.80
Colloidal Silver Non-Ionic 2oz – $13.80
Colloidal Silver Non-Ionic 4oz – $19.80
Colloidal Silver Spray – $17.80
DHEA – $24.80
L-Theanine – $17.80
Melatonin – $17.80
Royal Jelly – $21.80
Secret Gold – $23.33
Zinc 2oz – $16.80
Zinc 4oz – $21.80